The Perfect Playdates
Welcome to PlayDates, where the love of Music, Children, and Creative Activities come together. Here we help you craft the perfect play date for your little ones, incorporating music and activities to make this an experience to remember. Ideas include a balance of physical movement to music, contemplative times with music, and activity time destined to broaden their fine motor skills as well as tactile experiences.
There is ALWAYS is a huge emphasis on getting outdoors wherever possible.
There is five age groups that are targeted. Baby, Toddler, PreSchool, Early Childhood, and 7-12years.
Along the way we’ll provide you stockists and ways to get hold of the materials we include in your perfect play date, as well as some of our favorite kids fashions and best buys for babies.

We hope you find this site helpful in making your child’s interaction with other children meaningful and educational.